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Create your ideal task hierarchy

Break down yours task into smaller, more manageable parts as many times as you need

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Using the dypt hierarchy

Create the hierarchy that works best for your lifestyle

Whether you prefer a simple one page list or a complex multi-level structure, dypt has you covered.

Our hierarchical task list allows you to organise your work and life into lists of subtasks that can be as deep as you need.

Example of a task hierarchy in dypt

Breakdown tasks as many times as you need

Tasks are frequently too big to be completed in one go. With dypt, you can break down tasks and to do lists into smaller, more manageable subtasks as many times as you need.

Task breakdown example

Move tasks around with ease

Easily move and copy tasks around your hierarchy to keep everything organised exactly how you like it without any hassle.

Moving tasks around the hierarchy

Manage large to do lists

As your tasks grow, multiple task management becomes harder. With dypt, organising your work into a straight forward structure is easy.

Imagine you have taken on a new client.You can easily add a new level to your hierarchy for the client or kick things off faster by copying an existing client and making a few tweaks.

Copying a task

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