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Repeat your way to productivity with task repeats

Wednesday April 17, 2024
Repeat your way to productivity with task repeats


Dane here once more. Today's post is on our new feature and the latest addition to your dypt experience — task repeats!

I've often found myself setting reminders for the same tasks over and over again. It's a hassle at best and leads to missed tasks or mistakes at worst. I wanted to make this process easier for myself and others... I know I'm not alone with this frustration.

Introducing task repeats 🔄

Imagine never having to manually set reminders for your regular tasks again. With Task Repeats, you can automate recurring tasks whether they're daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. It's all about making your life easier and more organised.

The power of dypt repeated

This isn't your average repeat feature - dypt brings more to the table:

  • Flexibility: Set tasks to repeat on specific days, weekdays, months or even on a custom schedule. Plus, you can choose when the repeat starts and even when it ends.
  • Personalisation: Make your task management truly yours by customising how the repeats are saved, what is repeated (e.g priorities, notes etc).
  • Depth: Leverage the full power of dypt, when you choose to include subtasks in your repeats, dypt will automatically create them for you. Imagine laying out a complex set of process steps with notes and priorities and having them automatically repeat for you - it's that easy!
  • Smarts: Get dypt to automatically roll forward any deadlines so they make sense for your new repeat schedule. No more manual date changes. Don't want to see old tasks? No problem, dypt can automatically archive them for you when it creates the new repeat.

How does it work?


Setting up a repeat is simple: create a task, hit the "Repeat" button, and choose how often it should come back. Whether it’s taking medication every day, doing weekly grocery shopping, or paying your rent monthly, dypt has got you covered.

You can customize how the repeats are saved, when they start, and even when they end. It’s all about flexibility and fitting dypt into your personal workflow.

Why you'll love this

No more double work! Set a task once, and let dypt handle the repetition. Plus, with options to customise the frequency and specifics of each repeat, your task management is truly personalized.

Check out some examples

Here's a glimpse at what you might want to set up as a repeating task:

  • Daily: Take your medication, Meditate, Feed the pets
  • Weekly: Clean the house, Prep for the work week
  • Monthly: Pay utilities, Review goals, Complete business process
  • Yearly: Renew insurance, Schedule a check-up, Pay your taxes

Plans and accessibility

Good news! All dypt plans, including the free plan, support Task Repeats. You can start with up to 3 repeating schedules on the starter plan and go up to 50 on the VIP plan.

Learn more and get started

Eager to dive in? Get started by making your first repeating task. You'll be amazed at how much time and effort you save.

Want to know the nitty gritty? Check out our detailed docs guide.

Feedback wanted

Your thoughts on this new feature are invaluable. I'd love to hear what you think and the kind of tasks that you're setting up to repeat.

Love it? Need some tweaks? Please let me know! Reach out via email or on social media.

Until next time friends,

Dane ❤️

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