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Introducing bulk actions in dypt

Monday October 16, 2023
Introducing bulk actions in dypt

I know how frustrating it can be when you want to apply the same action to multiple tasks. It can feel annoyingly repetitive and detract from your productivity.

That's why I've been working hard on this latest addition to dypt: bulk actions. This new feature is designed to give you a faster, more efficient way to manage your tasks en masse.

What are bulk actions?

πŸ’‘ Imagine this: a cluttered task list you wish you could sort out with just a few clicks. That’s exactly what bulk actions let you do. With this new feature, you can apply actions like setting a status, priority, moving, archiving, or even deleting to multiple tasks at once.

How's it work?


πŸ€– Just tap the "Multiple selection" button, and boom, you enter a multi-select mode where you can choose multiple tasks. Select the tasks, and from the control panel at the top, pick the action you want to perform. Easy-peasy.


Once you hit the action button, you’ll see the magic happen. All the selected tasks update in one go. Far faster than clicking through each task individually.


After you click an action, multi-select mode automatically turns off. You can also exit multi-select mode by clicking the "Multiple selection" button again.

Why this feature helps

πŸš€ We all know time's precious, especially when juggling work, personal projects, and family. Bulk actions are your shortcut to getting more done, faster.

Imagine the scenarios: moving all work-related tasks under a "Work" parent task, or quickly marking all completed tasks as β€œDone” at the end of the day. It’s all now just a couple of clicks (or key presses) away.

Don't fret, you'll be warned if your action will irreversibly affect a large number of tasks, for example by deleting them. You can then choose to proceed or cancel.

Check out the docs

πŸ“– Want to learn more? Check out the bulk actions docs for more details.

Get started!

🌟 So why not jump in and give bulk actions a try? It's super intuitive, and I reckon you'll love the added convenience.

Not on dypt yet? Sign up for a free account and join the productivity party.

Feedback, please!

πŸ“£ Got thoughts on this? I’m all ears. The good, the great, and even the terrible. Drop me an email or reach out on social. Help me make dypt even better.

Until next time friends,

Dane ❀️

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